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Posted by VAZALAB (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-10-02
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Below is the English translation



Seatposts are not considered masterpieces in the composition of a bicycle. These posts connecting your bike frame to your saddle have the sole function of adjusting the height and recoil of your saddle in the imagination of users.


Seatposts are particularly important for several reasons:

• The Adjustability,

• Power Transfer,

• Comfort.


The first two points are well understood triathletes that we are. However, when it comes to comfort, it is thought that only the saddle and / or the frame have this virtue.

For some time now, companies have been developing elastomers in certain components (in a previous issue, you were introduced to the Redshift stem using the same principle).

B3F is the first company to embark on this niche in the seat post.


Other companies have tried to rush into this niche with more or less success. Specialized seat post, for example, the CG-R, offers a vertical movement of 18mm while the Ritchey (WCS Carbon Link Flexlogic) and the Syntace (P6 Carbon Hiflex) have a particular carbon fiber braiding meant to improve the comfort . These 3 seat posts were tested by an independent agency (Microbac Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, USA) and showed poor comfort results.






Quick presentation of the company and its inventor before describing the concept and the sensations experienced in the field.

Vazalab is the company behind B3F. Its founder, Sangill Lee, has developed this seatpost, patented it and designed it. He realizes bicycle positioning in South Korea.

The B3F seatpost looks like two drops of water close to a standard seatpost but the innovation comes from the Formga. The latter is an elastomeric compound that is supposed to absorb shocks and vibrations.

Formga is a synthetic rubber that is able to deform in all three axes (X, Y, Z).

The seatpost itself weighs 278g which is obtained by high quality compounds: the tube is uni-directional carbon, the rail fastening system is CNC machined aluminum, the bolts are made of titanium and the nuts hardened steel.

"Normal" seatposts are fixed and do not allow movement. However, there is friction between the top of the saddle and the hips, which results in a loss of energy and sometimes pain in the iliac bones.

Traditional seatposts cause other problems that are:

- unnatural pedaling which reduces the pedaling frequency,

- increased fatigue and pain due to vibration.

In contrast, the B3F seatpost with its integrated elastomer promotes a natural pedaling of the user. This reduces stress in the spine and iliac bones due to twists and rotations.

The B3F seatpost was originally developed to minimize bike saddle pains and improve positioning on the bike.

With less pain, one is entitled to expect an increase in speed or at least a maintenance of power over time.






During a pedaling cycle, the power varies. The maximum power is developed when the crank is around a horizontal position.

One does not lose energy with Formega because of its optimized composition of its elastomer. In the middle, the elastomer is rigid to reduce energy loss. In contrast, the elastomer is flexible at its four corners allowing the hips to remain in contact with the saddle without twists or unwanted friction.


In terms of comfort, the Formega allows movements in the three axes: from front to back, on the sides and from top to bottom. This helps absorb shocks and vibrations related to imperfections of the road.

Formega also helps the saddle to follow the movements of the pelvic girdle. It follows a reduction of friction between the thighs and at the saddle. "Less friction" implies "more pleasure".

According to its inventor, there are two factors that produce energy:

• the strength of the muscles,

• body weight.

The B3F seatpost promotes optimal use of body weight in propulsion.

The seat post is also safer.

To take a turn, we look at the side of the turn.

The higher the speed and / or the steep turn, the more you bend and therefore the angle between the bike and the road is closed, increasing the risk of falling.

The seatpost B3F due to its ability to deform under the weight of the cyclist will bow to the side of the turn.

This additional inclination of the saddle reduces the angle of attack and therefore the risk of falling.

The B3F seatpost reduces the risk of injury due to the flexibility of Formega. The human body is asymmetrical. Traditional seatposts offer no solution for asymmetries such as different leg lengths, except for lowering the seat height.

The B3F seatpost reduces the difference in leg length.

Finally, the seatpost B3F, because of the permanent contact between the saddle and clothing but without the recurring friction, significantly reduces the wear of cyclist or triathletic clothing.






I had to spend the first period somewhat confusing because of the continuous movements. We really realize that on a traditional seatpost, we are reduced to adapt to the saddle when it should be the opposite ... Then, we appreciate the natural movements of the saddle.

Fortunately, the hardness of the elastomer can be modulated by screwing the two nuts onto the top of the rail attachment system. It is necessary to test, reduce or increase the hardness of Formega to find the personal optimum.

Then, we are surprised to develop desired powers without having friction.

On long outings on granular roads, we can easily see the contribution of the elastomer. The vibrations absorbed by the Formga are no longer transmitted to my lower back, which allows me to stay in a more aggressive position and therefore keep the speed.

Vazalab won two innovation awards at the last Taipei show for its B3F seatpost.

At 259 €, this seat post makes your competition bike as comfortable as it is fast.


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